trasposizione dell'earthing

Installation view during the Miasma exhibition, Tiresia space, Carrara, 2022

The work represents the transposition of sensations perceived during the performance carried out on the occasion of the Pater Lignum Mater Acquae event.

Close to the philosophy of Bruno Latour, who with his latest work invites us to rethink the small space in which we live and perceive its beauty and uniqueness, the realization of the artistic installation that took place along the banks of the river that runs through my native village aimed to sharpen the senses, combining with the practice of grounding or earthing the direct contact between nature and the body.

In the era of the Anthropocene, in which human beings flee to the large urban centers, the experience of earthing, however simple it may be, proves fundamental in re-establishing a sincere and direct contact with the environment that welcomes us. The work consists of 4 fabrics, 240 cm in length and 115 cm wide, made with acrylic and pigments.

Installation view during the performance