Assente nel momento in cui occupavo più spazio

The work has different levels that represent different stages of the human condition. The first level uses wood to represent the innocent man, who has qualities like purity, vitality, and adaptability. As life gets harder, the second level uses concrete to represent how people smooth out their rough edges to fit in with society. People pretend to be happy and vital, even though they don’t want or need any connection to others. The artwork on the concrete shows a fake internal world that’s brightly colored and glorifies the person’s ego. The artwork is meant to be seen horizontally, as a way to confess and redeem yourself. The final layer of resin encourages the viewer to see themselves in the artwork and recognize their own inner world, leading them to leave behind the mask they present to others and confess their true feelings.
Dettaglio Assente nel momento in cui occupavo  più spazio 1