I’m rossella barbante (b.1994) a visual artist working in italy.

I studied at Brera’s Academy of fine arts, in Milan, obtaining the bachelor’s and master’s degree with a dissertation about the Anthropocene. 

I took part in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad and my work has also been enriched by artistic residency experiences.

Initially my research focused on the landscape as a means of inner investigation, refuge, meeting point between the outer world and the inner world; now it takes on a more dramatic meaning. Attention is paid to the new geological era, the Anthropocene, where man is no longer a detached observer but often intervenes in harmful and irreparable ways on nature. 





awards and recognizing

  • 2022. CRAMUM PRIZE, directed by Sabino Maria Frassà. "Artisti in evidenza" category winner
  • 2020. ART RIGHTS PRIZE, first digital prize by Andrea Concas. Painting category finalist


  • 2022. September. La Caduta, ovvero come cadere in alto, (Cramum annual book)
  • 2021. July, Sguardi, Blicke. Curated by di Marco Casentini, Andrea B. Del Guercio e Dany Vescovi. Published by Baldecchi e Vivaldi
  • 2019. February. ArtisticaMente. Curated by  Plinio Perilli. Published by Pagine.